Heavy trucks install our mobile DVR in a large scale

Per the latest Guangdong province government policy, all heavy trucks in Guangdong province must install government approved mobile DVR before July 2021, otherwise the truck is not allowed to drive on road and will get fined. Aidriving has multiple mobile DVR models which have got national and Guangdong province approvals. We attend the policy propagandas with governments in many cities of Guangdong Province. And We have achieved lots of big orders [...]

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We exhibited in CITE2021

CITE is held in Shenzhen exhibition center, one of the biggest technology and electronics exhibitions in China. We exhibited in CITE every year. In the April CITE 2021, we exhibited our vehicle smart devices: GPS tracker, mobile DVR, dash camera and other smart accessories. The feedbacks are great as our products work stable and reliable. Our latest products, W2S and P9S have got big fleet projects and all working excellent.   [...]

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Our mobile DVR installed on bus

Our mobile DVR P9 has been widely installed on buese in China, it supports 8 channels video recording including 2 channels smart video recording - ADAS and DSM. Also it supports TTS voice alarm and voie communication. For example when driver overspeeding, P9 will sounds reminding "overspeed", when driver is fatigue, P9 will sounds reminding "please don't fatigue drive". And on the platform, manager can voice call driver for instant communication [...]

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Happy spring festival!

The most important holiday in China is coming - Spring Festival! Aidriving will have holiday leave from Feb. 7 to Feb. 19 2021. We will be back from Feb. 20, 2021. During Spring festival, if you need any asistance, please contact us or!      

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Aidriving 2021 anniversary

On 22nd Jan. 2021, Aidriving held an anniversary for 2020. Since the Corona virus threaten, the anniversary was held in our office lobby. Justin Xu, Aidriving's founder and CEO, gave awards to outstanding employees and made a speech to summarize last year and plan for 2021. The year 2020 is a transforming year, as China government started to promote ADAS&DSM GPS mobile DVR for commercial fleets, the market is expected to [...]

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Merry Christmas!

On 24th, we held an activity to celebrate Christmas in our office. Every workmates got presents and happy! We wish all our staffs and clients a merry Christmas and happy new year! In next year, we will have more good products for smarter and safer driving all around the world!          

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Winter Solstice celebration

In china, there is a tradition to celebrate Winter Solstice holiday. People eat special food and wish a nice harvest of next year. People in different region eat different, most north China eat dumplings, south China eat Tangyuan or rice cake. Our Shenzhen headquarter eat Tangyuan and NanJing branch eat dumplings to celebrate the holiday.               Our CEO Justin Xu fill bows with tang'yuan for [...]

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Aidriving celebrates its 7th anniversary

On 26th Nov. 2020, Aidriving celebrates its 7th anniversary. in 2013, Aidriving was founded a technology company, focusing on ai(artificial intelligence) driving algorithm. As the market is going bigger and bigger, Aidriving started to manufacturer smart vehicle electronics including mobile DVR, dash camera and GPS tracker, applying its algorithm into self-made hardware. In the markets, most mobile DVR manufacturers don't have their own ADAS and DSM algorithm, which makes their active [...]

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A good solution for city bus

In this month, we achieved a good deal with Shanwei city bus project, we have deployed thousands mobile DVR for city buses. We work directly with insurance company, who works with Shanwei city bus. .   Shanwei is a city near Shenzhen, with population around 3 million. In China, city public transportation is very convenient, there are a lots of city bus covering even very corner place with very cheap ticket [...]

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P9 got a new approval – Hunan province standards

In China, there are millions of commercial vehicles, coach bus, city bus, logistic truck, garbage truck, taxi, etc. It is a huge challenge manage the huge running CVs, to keep road safe, China national transportation ministry has been adopting vehicle GPS system for years. Ministry compulsory GPS system device means devices that follow ministry standards, including functions, quality, shape. First step, manufacturers need design device exactly same as standards requirements. Second [...]

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