Accurate ADAS&DSM

Aidriving developed algorithm,  ADAS accuracy > 99%, DSM accuracy > 95%. We do OEM and ODM for worldwide partners.

ADAS features

Lane departure warning
Forward proximity warning
Forward collision warning
Pedestrian Collision Warning

DSM features

Monitor driver states:
Fatigue, Yawn, Smoke, Call, Intelligent Calibration, Distraction driving, Block Camera, Driver departure.


Trucks surveillance

4CH, 6CH, 8CH mobile DVR including ADAS and DSM cameras to not only surveillance driver and passengers but also alert when driver drive dangerously. GPS tracking, two-way audio. TTS audio, etc.

Coach bus surveillance

8CH mobile DVR with GPS tracking, ADAS and DSM.  Two-way audio and TTS allow managers to contact drivers easily. Huge storage supports more than 2 weeks video recording.

Taxi/Car surveillance

4CH video recording with optional ADAS and DSM cameras. Compact and multiple functional. GPS tracking, two-way audio, panic button, remote engine-cut(optional).

Construction Bus surveillance

4CH/6CH mobile DVR with BSD (blind spot detector) waring system, ADAS and DSM, GPS tracking and two-way audio.