Smarter Safer Driving based on AI technology

Our vision

We are an algorithm based smart drive electronics manufacturer, with mature solutions for smarter fleet management and safer driving. We believe that AI will change the way of driving and fleet managements, and aidrving will always be a pioneer to create the latest ai technology products for safer and smarter driving.

About Us

Since 2013, AIDriving began applying AI algorithm to smart driving. in the past years, shenzhen Aidriving has launched many smart devices for safer and smarter driving, including state-standard mobile DVR with ADAS and DSM, smart dash camera with smart driving algorithm and high accuracy GPS tracker. So far, our ADAS product sales quantity have ranked top3 in China. And the accurate of our ADAS is one of the most accurate in smart driving industry. 

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F3, Tianming Science & Technology Mansion, 8 Wushitou Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

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