Heavy trucks install our mobile DVR in a large scale

Per the latest Guangdong province government policy, all heavy trucks in Guangdong province must install government approved mobile DVR before July 2021, otherwise the truck is not allowed to drive on road and will get fined. Aidriving has multiple mobile DVR models which have got national and Guangdong province approvals. We attend the policy propagandas with governments in many cities of Guangdong Province. And We have achieved lots of big orders [...]

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We exhibited in CITE2021

CITE is held in Shenzhen exhibition center, one of the biggest technology and electronics exhibitions in China. We exhibited in CITE every year. In the April CITE 2021, we exhibited our vehicle smart devices: GPS tracker, mobile DVR, dash camera and other smart accessories. The feedbacks are great as our products work stable and reliable. Our latest products, W2S and P9S have got big fleet projects and all working excellent.   [...]

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Happy spring festival!

The most important holiday in China is coming - Spring Festival! Aidriving will have holiday leave from Feb. 7 to Feb. 19 2021. We will be back from Feb. 20, 2021. During Spring festival, if you need any asistance, please contact us info@aisafer.com or info@aidriving.com!      

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Aidriving celebrates its 7th anniversary

On 26th Nov. 2020, Aidriving celebrates its 7th anniversary. in 2013, Aidriving was founded a technology company, focusing on ai(artificial intelligence) driving algorithm. As the market is going bigger and bigger, Aidriving started to manufacturer smart vehicle electronics including mobile DVR, dash camera and GPS tracker, applying its algorithm into self-made hardware. In the markets, most mobile DVR manufacturers don't have their own ADAS and DSM algorithm, which makes their active [...]

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A good solution for city bus

In this month, we achieved a good deal with Shanwei city bus project, we have deployed thousands mobile DVR for city buses. We work directly with insurance company, who works with Shanwei city bus. .   Shanwei is a city near Shenzhen, with population around 3 million. In China, city public transportation is very convenient, there are a lots of city bus covering even very corner place with very cheap ticket [...]

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Our mobile DVR reveals truth

One of our clients, who is a freight operation company. In last month, a very serious accident happened to one of his drivers. But thank god, the driver only got slightly injured.   The accident actually caused by fatige drive. Per checking platform, there are several fatigure driving alerts with video attachments which clearly shows the drive closed eyes, ignoring mobile DVR's DSM voice warning, keep driving even very tired. There [...]

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Registration modifying notification

From Sep. 2020, we had been modifying our company registration after new founding from SBI: Our company name is changed to Jiangsu Aidriving Co., Ltd from Shenzhen Aidriving Co., Ltd. Aidriving has office in Jiangsu Nanjing, Chongqing, Shenzhen. Dongguan. After the name modification, still Shenzhen is our base, which has most of our employees. As the registration modification, we will need to register new export licence and company bank account for [...]

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Shenzhen 40 years anniversay

SHENZHEN - Shenzhen is a brand-new city created by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese people since the country's reform and opening up, and its development over the past 40 years is a miracle in the world development history, President Xi Jinping said Wednesday. Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks while delivering a speech at [...]

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We went to Chengdu for a transportation seminar

As China economy has turned to positive growth, we are joining more and more activities to pomote our products. The good news is that P9, G5M and W2 have achieved great oders since March. Last week our team went to Chengdu, Sichuan to join a transportation safety seminar. Our products are popular in the seminar and also got great orders 40,000 more pieces of P9.In the seminar, Shenzhen Aidriving was honored [...]

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