In this month, we achieved a good deal with Shanwei city bus project, we have deployed thousands mobile DVR for city buses. We work directly with insurance company, who works with Shanwei city bus.



Shanwei is a city near Shenzhen, with population around 3 million. In China, city public transportation is very convenient, there are a lots of city bus covering even very corner place with very cheap ticket price, normally below 3 to 5 yuan. 1 USD equals to 6.6 yuan per the latest currency rate.


The mobile DVR installed for Shanwei city bus is our P9. The features are mature for bus surveillance and safety.

P9 totally has 8CH camera recording, including 2CH smart video, an ADAS camera for front road monitoring and a DSM camera for driver monitoring. Based on our own developed algorithm for many years, our ADAS accuracy is over 99% and DSM accuracy is over 95%. While most other mobile DVR manufacturers don’t have their own algorithm technology, only buy ADAS and DSM algorithm or ADAS DSM camera spare parts from third-party algorithm companies, which cannot ensure good performance normally and cannot upgrade its algorithm even after mobile DVR collects real road running data. But because we not only manufacture mobile DVR but also develop our own algorithm, which makes us capable to build an upgrading ecosystem. Our huge number sold mobile DVRs collect real road running data and in the backend our ADAS and DSM can keep upgrading based on those precious big data.

Other basic features, our P9 can connect with an external monitor screen, which allows driver to view in vehicle and outside blind spots. P9 has self-check function – check its working status and spare parts and send result to management platform, which is easy for management team to know working status and troubles remotely. For example if  GPS antenna got loose disconnected, p9 can upload the problem to platform when doing a regular timing self- check. So the management team can figure out problem very quick and easy. p9 supports max to 2TB HDD or SSD, and another SD card max to 256GB, which can ensure long time recording for all videos.

P9 has optional super accurate GPS antenna, accuracy can be less than 1 meter. The GPS antenna is broadcom 2 frequency GPS technology, which is far more accurate than single frequency GPS that most GPS being using in markets.

P9 utilizes 4G network and supports live video, two-way audio, TTS audio, which allows management team to contact driver very easy.