Aidriving smart platform

Vehicle GPS Tracking and video surveillance platform


Wialon platform is the world’s largest third-party fleet management platform which has PC desktop client, web browser client, and smartphone android & iOS apps. It supports multiple channels video live streaming and GPS tracking. It has functions of GEO-fence, multiple alerts, reports download, etc.

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Main Functions

1. Real-time GPS tracking
2. History trips playback and dowmload
3. Real-time alerts warning
4. History alerts storage and download
5. Real-time video live streaming
6. Realtime video live streaming photo shoot
9. ADAS warning and warning video/photo storage
10. DSM warning and warning video/photo storage
11. Geo-fence
12. Device management
13. Account management and permission control


1. Clients’ logo, domain
2. Can be installed in clients’ local rent server for faster video telematics.
3. Deep function and UI customizable for big projects.
4. Can be translate to multiple languages and apply multiple maps.


Can the platform be installed in my rent server?

not support, wialon has its server over the world

Can it use google map?

Yes, it is well prepared with google map.