Our mobile DVR installed on bus

Our mobile DVR P9 has been widely installed on buese in China, it supports 8 channels video recording including 2 channels smart video recording - ADAS and DSM. Also it supports TTS voice alarm and voie communication. For example when driver overspeeding, P9 will sounds reminding "overspeed", when driver is fatigue, P9 will sounds reminding "please don't fatigue drive". And on the platform, manager can voice call driver for instant communication [...]

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P9 got a new approval – Hunan province standards

In China, there are millions of commercial vehicles, coach bus, city bus, logistic truck, garbage truck, taxi, etc. It is a huge challenge manage the huge running CVs, to keep road safe, China national transportation ministry has been adopting vehicle GPS system for years. Ministry compulsory GPS system device means devices that follow ministry standards, including functions, quality, shape. First step, manufacturers need design device exactly same as standards requirements. Second [...]

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We released our new product smart 4G dash camera W2

Shenzhen Aidriving has released its new products for light commercial vehicles, smart 4G dash camera W2. It supports 2CH cameras by default, an built-in camera for front road recording. An external extention camera which is wired with W2 main host, flexible in installation and facing direction. It supports 4G and GPS tracking.                    

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AiVisionMax platform launched for commercial vehicle fleet management

AiVisionMax is a smart platform for our mobile DVR, Dash camera and GPS tracker, it utlizes google map, smart for fleet management. The platform is developed by our own company and has been running for years for china domestic market. It has been serving lots of big fleets accross China. And we believe the global version can serve more fleets accross the world! Real time live streaming History video query Realtime [...]

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Aidriving 2019 new product G5M

In spring 2019, Shenzhen Aidriving released new 4CH mobile DVR G5M. It supports 4CH camera recording, 1CH ADAS + 1CH DSM + 2CH DVR recording. G5M is compact with metal shell. 4G connective and GPS tracking.                           G5M is compact, size 168 x 158 x 47 mm. Metal shell with cover lock to protect Sim card and SD card [...]

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