Aidriving 2021 anniversary

On 22nd Jan. 2021, Aidriving held an anniversary for 2020. Since the Corona virus threaten, the anniversary was held in our office lobby. Justin Xu, Aidriving's founder and CEO, gave awards to outstanding employees and made a speech to summarize last year and plan for 2021. The year 2020 is a transforming year, as China government started to promote ADAS&DSM GPS mobile DVR for commercial fleets, the market is expected to [...]

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Merry Christmas!

On 24th, we held an activity to celebrate Christmas in our office. Every workmates got presents and happy! We wish all our staffs and clients a merry Christmas and happy new year! In next year, we will have more good products for smarter and safer driving all around the world!          

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Winter Solstice celebration

In china, there is a tradition to celebrate Winter Solstice holiday. People eat special food and wish a nice harvest of next year. People in different region eat different, most north China eat dumplings, south China eat Tangyuan or rice cake. Our Shenzhen headquarter eat Tangyuan and NanJing branch eat dumplings to celebrate the holiday.               Our CEO Justin Xu fill bows with tang'yuan for [...]

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ISO9001 Training

ISO9001 annual training in our company. Our manufaction line managers and other departments' managers joined in the training. We keep training our workers to increase quality control and plan to apply more industrial certificates.  

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Celebrating developers’ day 10.24

Aidriving celebrates developers' day in 24th Oct. from several offices. The CEO Justin Xu, who was a developer before founded Aidriving in 2013. He said "the technology is growing with coding technology, C, C++, VB, JAVA, Python, etc, new technology is pushing forward our society. We will always following new technology, make excellent products for smarter driving ".              

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Every week we have an afternoon tea break together

AIDrivivng was founded in 2013, started with driving vehicle machine vision ADAS algorithm. And later we started to manufacture MDVR Dashcam and other smart vehicle electronics, which apply our own developed algorithm. As successful market marching, our company has reached 200+ employees and several round foundings.                               aidriving

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