Rich experience in vehicle driving Technology
500,000 Mobile DVR, dash camera manufactured and sold
ADAS & DSM Algorithm Technology
Our ADAS accuracy >99% and DSM accuracy >95%, and keep upgrading
High Quality
From R&D to manufaction, we are strict at quality control.

About AIDriving

AIDriving was founded in 2013 headquarter in Shenzhen, with the ambition of making driving safer and more intelligent through AI technology. We were the pioneer who started to develop efficient and accurate algorithm in the very beginning of smart driving industry. Our AI driving algorithm has been widely used by many smart drive hardware makers. And during the last years we have achieved significant progress in algorithm and our own smart drive terminal developments. AIDriving has become one of the major active drive safety solutions provider in China. Based on our accurate algorithm, our terminal (Mobile DVR, Smart Dash Camera, GPS tracker) work more reliable than most of other manufacturers. Following IOS9001 certificate requirements, our high quality products have been adopted by major vehicle fleets including Shenzhen Bus, ZTO express, Shanghai Bus, STO express, Yutong, Dayun, etc.

Our advantages


45 billion kilometers road driving data.


500 thousand vehicles installed


99% accuracy ADAS System


Our developers have rich experience in vehicle camera system field.


We own a factory following ISO9001 and other standards, strict on quality control.


We are one of the top 5 MDVR suppliers in China, and keep growing fast in this field.