On 22nd Jan. 2021, Aidriving held an anniversary for 2020. Since the Corona virus threaten, the anniversary was held in our office lobby.

Justin Xu, Aidriving’s founder and CEO, gave awards to outstanding employees and made a speech to summarize last year and plan for 2021.

The year 2020 is a transforming year, as China government started to promote ADAS&DSM GPS mobile DVR for commercial fleets, the market is expected to grow fast since 2021, while the economy will be booming as corona virus pandemic problem got solved though vaccines and other useful measures.

In 2021 and following years, Aidriving will continue focusing on smart mobile DVR and dash cameras, developing algorithms and manufacture high quality products. Our strategy is to make one core product model, which is multiple functional and flexible to add/remove functions for different projects needs. The year 2020 is really tough for most companies and Aidriving also faced impact. During the tough times, we continue to hire more talents especially algorithm developers and hardware engineers. Our ADAS and DSM algorithms are getting more accurate, ADAS >99% and DSM > 95%, which is outstanding in smart mobile DVR industry.

For foreign markets, our G5M, G5L and W2 are getting popular and in 2021 we will do more market promotion to make them known by more clients!


Aidriving anniversary