In China, there are millions of commercial vehicles, coach bus, city bus, logistic truck, garbage truck, taxi, etc. It is a huge challenge manage the huge running CVs, to keep road safe, China national transportation ministry has been adopting vehicle GPS system for years.

Ministry compulsory GPS system device means devices that follow ministry standards, including functions, quality, shape. First step, manufacturers need design device exactly same as standards requirements. Second step, manufacturer need send samples to national quality certification authorities to test for certifications.

Besides China transportation ministry standards, almost every province has its sub standards. Province standards are under national standards, but there are some special requirements. Every province has its management platform, which receives all CVs uploaded data including GPS location, speed, alerts with video attachments for example FCW, fatigue drive, etc.

Only certificated device models are legal as compulsory GPS system device, Both national and province standards update after year(s), as new technology coming out. It means manufacturers need apply new certificates when new standards released.

If a CV didn’t install approved GPS device system, the driver will get fined for hundreds RMB and illegal to run before install one. Many CV install an authority approval basic functional device to send data to government platform, besides also install another more functional device to send data to its own management system due to their management requirements.

The first generation of transportation ministry compulsory GPS device is simple, 2G network, send GPS location and relative alerts to government server.

As 3G, 4G network going popular, transportation ministry compulsory GPS device has been going more complex, which includes normal video recording, the device as we know mobile DVR.

Neither normal GPS tracker nor normal mobile DVR, they cannot directly help prevent accidents. As ADAS, DSM technology going mature, new transportation ministry compulsory GPS system device requires not only GPS tracking, normal video recording, but also ADAS and DSM warning. The advantage of ADAS and DSM is that they can warn driver in vehicle when dangerous driving behavior appears and also send alerts to management platform, which allows fleet managers to interfere immediately by TTS message or two-way audio. And the video evidence is vital for accident disputes. In the first place, all GPS device model and manufacturers must obey national and province standards and get the certifications. So the data and video footage is legal and valid for governments.

When an accident happens, if the location is near fleet management team, for example same city, the team will go to onsite to deal with drivers, insurance inspectors and polices, bring SD card (which saved footage and GPS data) to police station or read onsite by laptop.

When an accident happens, if the location is far from fleet management team, the team can conduct urgent dealing from remote by checking devices uploaded event video and check history video saved in SD card. The video and GPS evidence is easy, straight and legal for insurance and governments to sentence accidents.


When dangerous driving happens, for example fatigue driving. First device will pop up sound warning to remind driver to keep attention, secondly manager receives fatigue driving warning on platform, and manager can use two-way audio talk on platform to talk with driver or send text message to device, device will speak out the text message to remind driver.


Per our clients’ statistics, our ADAS DSM mobile DVR reduce at least 30% accidents for CV fleets.


Our P9 8CH ADAS DM mobile DVR have got national transportation ministry standards and many province standards, which allows us to sell across China with legal approvals as follows。 There are many provinces are going to release new standards which include ADAS and DSM, we will apply when new standards release immediately.

National standards
◎GB/T 19056—2012
◎JT/T 808-2019
◎JT/T 794-2019
◎JT/T 1076-2016

SiChuan province standards:
◎川标TSCSDX 0001—2019

Jiangsu province standards:

Zhejiang province standards:
◎浙标T/ZJRTA 02—2018

Jilin province standards:
◎吉标T/ JLYSXH 1.2—2019

DSM IR standards
◎DSM红外检测IEC 62471
The DSM IR standard is to ensure IR light is completely invisible at night, which avoid red IR lights annoys and pressure driver at night.

Hunan province standards
湘标 2019