Road accidents frequently occur, China authority promote ADAS technology

Road freight accidents frequently occur, and it is urgent to enter the ADAS standard era In China, the one-time loss of a serious truck accident can be as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan. The losses involved include vehicle damage loss, personnel compensation loss, cargo compensation loss, etc., not only that, an average truck accident will cause 6~7 Days of suspension of transportation will bring about an average income loss [...]

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Shenzhen, the future city of China

By 2035, China's government expects over 70% of the country's population -- around a billion people -- to be living in cities. Both Shanghai and Beijing have announced population limits and are implementing policies to reduce the number of new arrivals. These restrictions look likely to be replicated in many of China's more populous cities. But the rate of urbanization shows no sign of slowing. So, while existing smaller cities can [...]

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